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About Soca

We created Soca to make it easier to get more protein from plants instead of animals. Join our journey to help combat climate change, improve animal welfare, and support personal health through plant-based snacking.

Over the last few years, we have been looking for different ways to put more plants into our family's diet. Last year, we focused on replacing “empty carbs snacks” with something more nutritious. At the store we found an enormous aisle of sugary protein bars and salty, fatty chips - very little in the way of plant-based health. So we set off to create something ourselves.

172 versions later we arrived at the current recipe for Soca Thins - crispy snacks filled with protein from peas and nutritional yeast, almonds, brown rice, quinoa, and powerhouse seeds like flax and chia. It’s a unique blend that delivers crunch and flavor and health ... and now we want to share it with everyone! 

Brian and Amanda



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