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Focus on Flavor

Sea Salt Sesame. Not Your Cheese. Slow Burn Paprika.

Where did these flavors come from?

While developing the recipe for Soca, we tried literally 172 combinations of ingredients in order to find something that could deliver such a remarkable amount of protein in such small delicious package. Along the way, some flavors just started coming through.

Hummus. We were always eating Soca with hummus. So we decided to take the sesame from the hummus (tahini is just ground sesame) and boost it in the cracker. It tasted even better with hummus and with a touch of sea salt, fantastic on its own. Sea Salt Sesame.

Nutritional Yeast. That’s one of our protein sources in our Plant Protein Blend and it has that cheesy, nutty flavor. Extra garlic and onion, a good dash of turmeric for color and health and you’ve got Not Your Cheese, more “cheesy” cracker than tortilla chip.

Pimenton. That smoky, sometimes spicy paprika from Spain is great on just about anything and we knew that we had to create a flavor based on this smoked pepper. Sure, we give it some extra kick with cayenne pepper but we round it out with oregano and dried tomato powder. We like to think of Slow Burn Paprika as the flavor of a spicy paella cooked over a wood fire.

So what’s the next flavor? What would you love to have? Green Thai Curry? Cinnamon Spice? Rosemary Lemon?

Happy snacking.