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Off the center of the plate

Steak and potatoes. Chicken and rice. Pork and beans.

Western cultural foods often have a large hunk of animal protein in the center plate surrounded by a starch and a vegetable. That’s how you put together a plate for dinner. Or even a sandwich!

Plant-based foods sometimes imitate this same convention and it can be delicious - mushroom steak, cauliflower roasts. But more and more often, we’re seeing grain bowls, luscious salads, smaller plates that can be eaten together.

One of the reasons we created Soca was to let people get their protein while snacking so when it came time for a meal, they wouldn’t have to stick to the protein + starch + veg center of the plate formula. Get 25% of your daily protein from Soca and go ahead, have that salad for lunch and that pasta for dinner. We’ve got your protein covered in our crunchy, delicious 150 calorie serving.